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Past productions include Aerial Throwback Extravaganza, Reverie in Spirit and Shadow, Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night, SPECIAL RELATIVITY: Circus Through Space and Time, and Reverie in Black and White.

Aerial Throwback Extravaganza

Premiered at the ECA Arts Hall, November 2017

Join Air Temple Arts on November 3rd and 4th for a quick hop in the Delorean as we bring it back to the least bogus decade ever–the 1980’s!
A totally gnarly night of circus and pop music featuring acrobatics, aerial silks, contortion, Chinese pole and more, set to the freshest tunes of the decade!





Reverie in Spirit and Shadow

Premiered at Air Temple Arts, August 2017

In Reverie in Spirit and Shadow a sinister spirit materializes in the midst of a magical civilization and immediately threatens both their way of life and the balance of their ecosystem with insidious, and dark power. To banish it, the community must come together, bridging their differences and perform a dangerous, and powerful elemental ritual to dispel the spirit or risk losing their way of life altogether.

Reverie in Spirit and Shadow took place in the mystical realm formerly known as Air Temple Arts on August 18th and 19th, with a show at 8:00 each night and picnic style seating. 





Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night 

Premiered at the ECA Arts Hall, February 2017

Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night is a hybrid work of traditional theater and contemporary circus. In this original story, featuring a predominantly female cast—including the residents of 221B—Sherlock and Watson unravel the mystery of six, missing, young women and their connection with an enigmatic, star-gazing cult.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-52-21-amSherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Nightexplores themes of feminism and femininity, and the responsibility of power through the physicality of circus performance and features Spanish web, Chinese pole, aerial silks, lyra, contortion, hand balancing, diabolo, acrobatics, and more.

Sherlock Holmes and the Sapphire Night  debuted in New Haven, Connecticut at the Educational Center for the Arts on February 10th and 11th, 2017, with additional show dates in Somerville, MA; and Brooklyn, NY.




Reverie in Black and White

Premiered at the ECA Arts Hall, February 2016Air Temple Arts Reverie in Black and White Duo Lyra

A young woman stumbles into a mystical, midnight circus and finds that the entrance through which she came has been swallowed by the night. Greeted by the Ringmaster she is told that she cannot leave the circus until the sun rises.

For the interim the Ringmaster assigns her two guides, The Twins, who personify the light and dark halves of the circus.

Air Temple Arts Reverie in Black and White ContortionAdventures ensue and along the way we’ll encounter tumblers, contortionists, aerialists, jugglers, stilt walkers and an illusionist of questionable mental fortitude.








SPECIAL RELATIVITY: Circus Through Space and Time

Air Temple Arts Special Relativity Duo Chinese Pole

Premiered at the ECA Arts Hall, January 2015

In Special Relativity a steel magnate from the 1890s finds both his mettle and the depth of his devotion tested when a space/time accident separates him from his consort. If he’s going to have any chance of seeing her again he has no choice but to follow her path through the time vortex.


Air Temple Arts Special Relativity Aerial StrapsWe’ll travel from the Stone Age to a dystopian future, telling the story of Special Relativity through Chinese pole, aerial dance, acrobatics, contortion, Spanish web and more.







Missed Connections

 7129125639_1492fbf946_oMissed Connections is a full length circus show of original material, which debuted at Lyric Hall in New Haven, Connecticut in June, 2012.

6983045666_272a803d95_oWith stories drawn from the darkest corners of to the chaos of Bradley International Airport, Missed Connections explores human relationships gone awry through aerial dance, juggling, trapeze, hoop diving, hand balancing and more.